Time to introduce you the Elphel project.Elphel is an open hardware camera. It seems all the design and software is open source.

Curently, the camera provides :

– 5 mpixel sensor
– full hd recording at 0-30 fps
– mjpeg encoding to .mov files
– sound input usuig linux compatible usb audio adapter (phantom powered XLR inputs may work)
– full manual control
– 5 watts power consumption
– very small size
– built in linux with php api and socket based api

We are working on doing a real digital cinema camera based on this. The current work can be seen on cinema.elphel.com

I’m working on the website, doing some tests with the camera (I got one lended for some undefind time), if possible work on the user interface, provide some hardware tests (like lenses and audio)

A very cool project that may lead to unexpected results 🙂

If you want to see the camera, feel free to contact me. I’m located in Brussels (Belgium)