I'm curently looking for the best option in video recording, both to have an idea of what to buy at work as video camera, and for the apertus project (more infos here :cinema.elphel.com). Here is my summary : – Film image size is usually 2k – Storage increase very quickly – It has always been hard to edit intraframe compressed video We arrive at a point where consumer grade camera can store video in motion jepg or similar codec at full HD (which is near 2K). Th eonly advantage of ahchd, mpeg2, and similar codecs is the amount of storage needed for them. As storage is quickly becoming irrelevant, and as we don't need more than 2k in most cases, I declare that codec that compress group of frames together are dead for production use. By production, I mean the day to day use of camera, editing, color correction, etc. Of course intraframe codecs will still be usefull, but only for distribution of the final production on lower end channels like internet. Looking at all the avchd, H264 and all bullshit, I had to say it.