A new DSLR from pentax has been anounced. Indie movie makers, rejoice ! This one has 720P motion jpeg recording, an aps-C sensor size, audio input. All settings can be locked prior to recording. It only lacks 24P and headphone or audio level meters to be perfect, at least for me. More infos : www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/K7/K7A.HTM This is great news, it's a very strong contentder for 5dmark II, the GH1 and even more for the D90 and the new rebel. For this price point, if video footage confirms my analysis, it's the best option curently. UPDATE : I received a K-7 by Pentax France for testing. You can read my analysis here www.123piano.com/test-de-la-fonction-video-du-pentax-k-7 (in french, but there are also videos to watch 🙂